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Canceled due to Covid-19

Today April 13th we would have had a performance of our Almeh Luz Concert Tour at the Munttheater in Weert, the Netherlands.

It's really not an easy time for Culture and Art nowadays. One can be distracted by so many Web activities, the immense variety of creative social media productions. But the simple fact is, theatres are empty now and the outcome of Culture events is uncertain.

We don't know when we will return to the stage, that's our main activity, our bread and butter, the food of our soul.

We sincerely hope this terrible moment will pass, and society will be safe again from the disease and from all the fear that has shaped our days.

We all are doing the best we can, and we hope a bright future will come where people will fill again the theatres for the most beautiful experience, the one we share together in the same physical space.


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