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Spia Live

Live Broadcast

Concerts and More by Carla Maffioletti


comes from the italian  "spiare"  and means to Spy!!

Em Portuguese significa ESPIAR  which means really you are going to get a sneak concert and life experiences in surprising locations.  

Carla Maffioletti will  start a serie of  LIVE Broadcast via YouTube  exclusevly for the viewers who acquire the tickets via the event  Donation Key.


Collect your points and badges for every concert, and get the Ticket-Key via Donations!!!

let's share joy and emotion trough Spia Live!


1. Buy the ticket on this page

You can choose between the 3 different ticket options

2. Carla Maffioletti will send you  the SECRET  YouTube web link per Email one day before the LIVE broadcast.

3. Reserve the Date in your Agenda

4. Click on the link

5. Watch Spia Live at home on your Smart TV, Computer or Mobile.

the first date of spia live 

Sunday 21 JUNE 2020 16h Amsterdam Time


Almeh Luz!!!!
Come and Spy us!!!! 
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